Friday, April 24, 2009

The Fantasy Baseball Waiver Wire: Week Three

Here is my week three waiver wire. Hope you all enjoy.

Add Them Now

Nyjer Morgan, OF, Pittsburgh Pirates

I have a funny feeling that the ex-hockey player turned Pirates outfielder has a chance to be real. So far he's hitting .400 with eight RBI, and three stolen bases. His upside is his speed pick him up off the waiver wire and if he stinks please don't see me any hate mail.

Orlando Hudson, 2B, Los Angeles Dodgers

Hudson is hitting .365 with two home runs, five RBI, and three stolen bases. The ex-Diamondback and Blue Jay has no competition out there on the west coast except for Blake DeWitt who was recently sent to Triple-A. Look for Hudson to continue tearing the cover off the ball.

Drop Them Now

Xavier Nady, OF, New York Yankees

Nady was hitting .285 with two RBI, and four runs scored this season which isn't spectacular to begin with but when he hit the disabled list his value hit zero. Mainly because reportedly he's been telling teammates he needs Tommy John Surgery after feeling a sharp pain in his elbow, but he's going to be tested again today so wait for the results before cutting ties with the ex-Pirate.

Alex Gordon, 3B, Kansas City Royals

Gordon was struggling this season hitting only .095 with eight strikeouts in only 21 at bats. But when it was reported that he had a cartilage tear in his hip and he was placed on the disabled list it meant time to drop the former top prospect. He's undergoing surgery today and could miss up to eight weeks, pick him up then if you wish.

Monitor Their Status

Marco Scutaro, 2B/3B/SS, Toronto Blue Jays

The journeyman utility man is having a fantastic year so far, hitting .309 with three home runs, nine RBI and an amazing nine walks. But as we all know these players are prone to fluky starts and I have a feeling Scutaro is one of those, I doubt you'll get anything for him in a trade to just monitor and see how he does.

Scott Baker, P, Minnesota Twins

Baker is arguably the best pitcher in the Twins rotation and he was just activated from the 15 day disabled list. In his first start back he got lit up giving up five hits and six earned runs, and earning a 13.50 ERA. His next start is at Boston and the knuckleballer Tim Wakefield, so hold off and see how he does, he does well pick him up.

Ricky Romero, P, Toronto Blue Jays

Romero only made the Blue Jays opening day roster because they needed a fifth pitcher but the rookie has impressed so far. As of today he has a 2.57 ERA, and given up on four earned runs.

But in two starts he's given up 15 hits but counters that with seven strikeouts. I'm not really sold yet so hold off on picking him up. Next start comes on Sunday where he's home to Oakland and Dallas Braden, if he does well pick him up.

Trade Them While They're Hot

Nick Swisher, OF/1B, New York Yankees

With Nady out, Swisher's value takes an immediate jump but even though he's already hitting .406, with four home runs and 11 RBI you have to deal him now.

Why you ask, because Swisher is not this good, he good but not this good and right now his fantasy value is at an all-time high. Trade him now fill one of you biggest holes and trust me it will work out for you in the end.

Emilio Bonifacio, 2B/3B, Florida Marlins

Bonifacio began last season in the Diamondbacks organization before getting traded to the Nationals who then dealt him to the Marlins. And boy is that trade paying dividends for the Marlins, Bonifacio is hitting .386, with one home run, five RBI, and four stolen bases. As of now all of you who picked him up are ecstatic.

However, you should trade him now for the same reasons as Swisher. Because as of today Bonifacio has never played like this except for this season, maybe it's real I don't know but I highly doubt it. Trade him while he's hot.

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